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Black woman holding baby on stage with microphone
Singing at the official opening of the Tūhoe Embassy in Taneatua in 1997/1998. I was also the sound engineer fill-in for the gig. Holding son three of four / now aged 23 in 2020. Credit: Greg Riwai
My self-directed music video has been officially selected for five international film festivals. Not bad considering I directed it remotely through text messaging to my partner who was on-location while I was in the middle of a three-hour facilitation session, that is, my day job. I shot my entire sync in 45 minutes. Watch it here.
group of people on a film set
Crew from award-winning music video I produced for rap artist, King Kapisi featuring Rakaa Iriscience and myself. Watch it here.
wide shot of people on large indoor stage
I work for local government focussing in on the creative economy for our city’s cultural economic development agency. This is a Creative / Design conference I co-hosted in 2020 as our agency was one of the supporters. It was the first time I attended this conference that was in it’s 18th year, because it was usually out of my price range as a creative practitioner. It was free to attend in 2020. My favourite bit is at 9hr52mins (the day was 11 hours long) you can watch here.




Creator, Healer, Instigator.

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Teremoana Rapley

Teremoana Rapley

Creator, Healer, Instigator.

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